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Phenomics Workshop Series - Fall 2014

In the Fall of 2014, the Plant Sciences Institute sponsored a weekly interdisciplinary phenomics workshop series intended to promote interaction among faculty in diverse disciplines and to forge new collaborations that lead to the submission of successful grant proposals, ground-breaking research and the formation of new companies. During these sessions, plant scientists shared the biological questions that underlie their research in an effort to inspire engineers and computational scientists to develop new approaches for measuring plant phenotypes and analyzing the resulting data.  Similarly, engineers and computational scientists shared technologies and analysis approaches to encourage plant scientists to tackle new questions.

Fall 2014 speakers and topics:

  • Dermot Hayes - economic value of better corn yield estimates
  • Peng Liu - statistical methods and models in plant genomic studies
  • Baskar Ganapathysubramanian - computational science as an enabler: image processing, learning from data and model optimization
  • Lizhi Wang - an optimization approach to designed adaptation
  • Steve Howell - plant stress phenomics
  • Dan Nettleton - using random forests to predict outcomes and discover important variables
  • Ludovico Cademartiri - environments by design: enabling quantitative studies of plants and their networks
  • Hridesh Rajan - opportunities and challenges in establishing a shared scientific big data infrastructure
  • Zhengyuan Zhu - functional data analysis, survey statistics, and yield forecasting
  • Hui-Hsien Chou and Jennifer Chang - Mango: a new system for complex graph analysis and visualization
  • Jode Edwards - high plant density and canopy architecture in maize
  • Liang Dong - sensor research and development for plant science
  • Eric Laber, North Carolina State University - data-driven decision making in large-scale spacio-temporal decision problems
  • Carolyn Lawrence - data standards for predictive phenomics - coordinating research outcomes to enable community computation
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