ISU Plant Sciences Institute


The Plant Sciences Institute is an umbrella organization over a group of centers, each focused on different areas of plant science:

Center for Plant Genomics (Patrick S. Schnable, Director)
The Center for Plant Genomics (CPG) conducts research and provides graduate education at the frontiers of structural and functional genomics. 

Laurence H. Baker Center for Bioinformatics and Biological Statistics (Daniel Nettleton, Director)
The Laurence H. Baker Center facilities and enhances research in bioinformatics and biological statistics by fostering interactions and communication among faculty, outside laboratories, granting agencies and companies.  

Center for Plant Transformation (Kan Wang, Director)
The Center for Plant Transformation (CPT) strives to develop, adapt and/or evaluate novel technologies for plant transformation and gene expression. 

Raymond F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding (Thomas Lübberstedt, Director)
The aim of the Raymond F. Baker Center is to assure that Iowa State University's plant breeding program continues to be recognized throughout the word for their very significant contributions to the productivity and quality of crop cultivars.


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